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AX Group companies have gained over 20 years of experience in the sphere of VIP tourism, developing the best offers for their clients. A wide range of services includes safe luxury chauffeur-driven transfers tailored to individual needs, thus building a high level of client loyalty.

AX Group is the sole VIP tourism agency in the Baltic countries, offering transfers in accordance with the top quality standards. You can feel confident that, using the services of AX Group, you will receive only the best solutions.

Our chauffeurs are high-skilled professionals, having a good command of Latvian, English, French, Swedish and Russian. If you are interested in informative recreational travel, we are pleased to offer the services of tourist guide chauffeurs. All chauffeurs have successfully completed Latvian tourist guide courses.

Security is one of the criteria why clients prefer our services. AX Group chauffeurs have gained additional knowledge and skills in the secure driving school to be competent in secure driving under any road conditions. Clients who need a discrete and professional security guard can use security guard chauffeur’s services. Our chauffeurs are experienced in serving state officials, they are proficient in the fine art of manners and etiquette, and competent in carriage and serving of high-level officials.

AX Group provides luxury cars for rendering transfer services, which are representable, secure and comfortable. Following our clients’ needs, we offer Mercedes Benz V class luxury  buses (Long \ Extra long version), most suitable for groups of businessmen and officials, Mercedes Benz S class cars (Long version) and BMW 5, 7 and X6 cars, as well as standard-class cars.

Mercedes Benz V class  Long / Extralong is a luxury spacious bus designed with outstanding comfort for groups of businessmen and foreign officials. Spacious and secure, this vehicle is the best solution for long travels, so families prefer it as well.

Mercedes Benz S class Long is one of the most popular models for the provision of transfer services. Its prestige is based on the highest-quality traditions, the latest facilities and impeccable safety. Traveling by this vehicle, you will enjoy real comfort and driving pleasure.

BMW 5,7, X6 – these dynamic highly powerful sports cars will give you a real driving pleasure. Elegance, comfort and technologies of models 5 and 7 will make VIP transfers superior in quality. An impressive design and dynamics of BMW X6 will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Standard / Economical class cars are also included in a wide range of services offered by Ax Group companies.