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AX Group has gained more than 20 years of successful experience of work with VIP clients, who entrust us not only with their travel management, but also with business deals, conference management and other important projects. Recognizing us as a reliable partner, they apply also for residence permit related services, being of the highest demand. We are really grateful to our clients, who helped us grow and earn their loyalty.


To reside in Latvia for over 90 days during half a year, foreigners are required to obtain a residence permit. Residence permit is a document, allowing foreigners to stay in the Republic of Latvia.


There are two types of residence permits:

Temporary residence permits, allowing to stay in the Republic of Latvia for a certain period of time. It must be obtained, if a foreigner is expected to stay in Latvia for a period from 90 days during half a year;

Permanent residence permits, allowing to stay in the Republic of Latvia permanently.

There are about 30 options why foreigners may apply for the residence permit in the Republic of Latvia. Residence permits are granted most often due to

the acquisition of real estate,

the acquisition of certain securities,

investments in a capital company or establishment of a new capital company.


Clients mostly apply for residence permits due to the real estate they have acquired, because the can return some part on their investments. Experienced and competent employees of AX Group will help you select the most suitable type of residence permit, find the most beneficial real estate, its manager, lessees for your real estate, complete the required paperwork and settle other formalities related to this process, meeting your expectations. You will only make your choice, and highly qualified specialists of AX Group will do all that is necessary.